Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sorry for the MIA. Anyways, i'm quite thankful to my ex cst23 mates for giving the surprise last monday, i didnt really expect that. I love you guys so much. Thanks for those who had planned this earlier. I took some photos, but i'll post it soon. heheh. I just havent got the time to upload it to my laptop.
I went to Tutong the other day, to check out for Nikon d80, yeaa, I know, some of you might asked, "Why not d700? or d300? or Canon?" Well, I know those are better, but I've been dreaming for this gadget since ever I learnt how to use it. Hehe. I think i skipped the lines there, yea, i bought my self a nikon d80, hehe, thanks to all of the savings. It's quite reasonnable there, the price i mean, plus the customer service is excellent, you wont feel betrayed or left behind when you enter this shop. Han is the owner, he'll teach you how to use it and tells you great tips on do's and dont's. Thanks Han. I'll get something else soon. hehehe.
So, i am quite excited with the new gadget, also thanks to my supervisor, Cigu Zamain, hehe, for teaching me some lil bit about the gadget. I'll have to work hard now to learn how to manage all of those stuff and make it a habit of my own. Ayayay~ hahaha. It aint easy, but it's worth it.
Last nyt I went out to do a lil work, it's been a while I havent seen my manager, I was on the mic till 11 pm, tired but fun. Tired coz i had to stand for about 2 hours, lol. Fun, coz it's.. FUN! hahaha.
Asde went to my place last nite, poor him, he was a bit tired and not feeling really good, we were talking about things. LOL. We had a good laugh.
Anyway, I have to go now. hahaha. Buring ku. Love ya. LOL.
*p/s: Love u.*