Friday, September 5, 2008


I have to say this now, I am very annoyed(yet still am) with some of the workers in Giordano (There i said it, to the manager, if you happen to read this, you should teach your worker some manner lesson!). I was at Qlap just now, accompanying my cousin to survey for outfits. I told him that Giordano is the best place, cheap but good quality(PROMOTING! YOU'RE WELCOME!). When I entered the shop, I stumbled at this jeans jacket, I find it very hot. So I went to the back and look for it. Walaah! I found it. Anxious to know if they have my size, I waved at this worker, a guy, to ask for help. He stared at me, I thought he was coming to me, but instead, he talked and joked around with his co-workers, I looked at him again and waved, hoping to get a help with the size, AGAIN, he talked and joked around with them. I got annoyed, I looked at them, the lady wearing black, im not sure if she works there, if she does, she should go straight to me, rather than watching me waved, hoping for someone to come(but not!), she signalled her friend, and asking them to help me, if she works there, why can't she give any help??? mean while, her friend was staring at her, being clueless, of what to do, she stared at me and came to me when i waved, pheewww?? NO! I'm still pissed at that guy. THAT GUY~! He was like that when I bought my outfit there way back before, he stared at me, as if I was a joke to him. I didnt bother that time, but this time, oh yeah, I'm pissed!!
Dude - if you can't speak in english, then speak in malay, or vice versa, I'm not to picky about it. Remember, no matter how much you talk about how annoying and bad some of your customers are, they're still the customer, they pay, and with that cash, it contributes to your salary. Be nice to the customer, especially when your job is to see them all day, approach and assist them wisely. Your smile and your good manner, contributes to a high point to your job, plus, it makes the customer feels good, happy and satisfied and would recommend your place to their friends or family.but if you are being the opposite, then, there is no point for you to start up a business, if you fail the part on HOW TO SATISFY YOUR CUSTOMER. If you feel like you don't want to talk much to the customer, then quit - just sit at home and watch tv. So if you dont want, id recommend you to start changing your attitude, stop talking and fooling around so much, when you work, especially in a shop, customer comes first. If you want to talk and fool around with your co-workers, go somewhere else, dont do it in the shop, you can, but not all the time. We pay for your product and service, we don't pay for you to fool around with your friend.