Friday, September 5, 2008



I dont feel like counting down, it's close, but I just dont feel like counting it down. hehe. I'm just afraid i'll be over expecting something fun and exciting, but in the end, it could be not.

Oh.. just forget about it for now. hehe. 

Let's talk about love. I find it hard for us to define what love is. Love is easy to say if you're not thinking about the burdens and not seeing the world entirely. That's just the sparkle of love that's working on you, making you feel like you're on top of the world, floating and tickles you everytime you think of it. When burdens and boundaries are nothing to you, then, you're brave enough to hold your love, but how long will it stay? 

When you're not in a relationship anymore, it doesn't mean you're useless and should erase your ex's from your life. Why not start off a new life and take them as best buddies. I know this is like.."WTH? Is he serious? Or is he out of his mind??" well, you never know. Why do we have to do that? To throw away your stress and feelings? Well, what if that happens to you and a member of your family? Are you going to throw them away from your life although you know the fact that he or she is from your own blood? who's not thinking wise now? 

I think that would be a better way to keep you close with the people around you, that will make them still think that you're the sweet person they knew before. Don't you want that? People to honor you till the day you die? 

Anyways, love is undefinable(i dont know if it's a word or not), the meaning of it would mean yourself being involve in the bumpy journey of getting one and other's feeling and trust, holding it together, seeding it into your soul and growing it wise. You can be old yet still romantic and deeply in love. That's how love is. A mystery and a miracle.

So people, I'm off to do some work now. C ya. Salam.

*p/s: am i in it?*