Tuesday, July 15, 2008

aku mau that!hahaha!


haha, ive been trying to change my layout, now, im sticking to this one, its simple and simple. hahahaha. im not really good at it.

so, what have you been doing today? I was at home from morning till now, Im thinking to go to stadium later at 7, to meet up with the girls, they're playing, im just watching. :P

I was thinking to go to the beach just now, to take some photos, just when I have the time to go, suddenly I got no one to go out with. Rider's busy, LilMic too, my cuz was out in gadong, chy was busy witt his sista, ucop was out for a jog. lol. JOG?? I should be doing that too. Considering on the rules and reality that I have to face. I just need a change.

I was browsing through the kiulap mall yesterday and I happened to found something that I like.

sapa yang baik hati.. aku mau ani.. for my bday soon. :P hehehe. batah dah ku mencari ah.. pisan.. bleh ah? ah? ah?

Im chatting wit Abg Aidil now, hahaha, my mentor. sama jua masih orangnya. hahahaha. apakan. kes buring dah ku tu. Tadi patang, cucur durian lagi, mana inda bulat, muka pun macam cucur sudah. mbarigali sulnya tu eh. hahahaha.

bah.. kan out ku lu. hehehe. Salam.


si yanyan said...

*imagine muka mcm cucur*


yat, jan sabut 'bulat' eh. krg ada org terasa. kekekekkekeke.

btw, kmi 45min sja main tdi. bekilat ahhh. atuya me & jeehan belarian menyelamat kn diri tdi. kekekkeke