Wednesday, July 23, 2008

R jadi W.


Hey. Did u read my blog? Or are you reading it now? Or you were just about to read it? hehe. U did ryt? :P annoying aku ah. hehehe.

What did I learn today? Hmm.. Rider taught me something - if you feel that you're fat - put ur feet together and stand straight, then look down. If you can still see it, you're ok, if you cant see it, well, hehe, nda ku mau ckp lagi. WELL, that's what the book that Rider read says. :P

I also learnt that, no, I admit that, to some of the GTs, hehehe, that I could not control my facial expression (I said facial reaction just now, let's hope LilMic and Rider nda realize.:P) whenever I'm in a bad mood, or pissed off, or kusut or stress. hehehe. I just can't, cam, it's either aku marung, or nada langsung lines of expression rah my face, cam orang liat pun, as if aku kan makan orang (I dont eat people....but I might try. hehe. nada dih), or skali cakap, cam kana tampar jauh (mun kan betampar, baik ke tamparuli. hehe.) or abis ku bomb. Well, I'm sorry, hehehe, those are one of the things that I cant change this moment, I am trying tho. :p Sorry ah. hehehe.

Yeah, I owe a huge apology to LM for what I said that had offended LM's feeling. Sorry LM, I didnt know you didnt like that joke, seriously, Im so sorry. hehehe. ok, I should stop blogging bout that, hehe, sorry ah, nanti2 ku lanja tungking.. or ko lanja ja. :P  

Sorry kamu jua, sal aku batah inda update. hehehe. lalah wah, busy with the orientation. Eh, sorry to Asde jua, hehe, mlm ani inda ku blateh, lalah ku yo, contact lens ku lagi palau. Sorry jua, sal inda bejalan malam ani, baru jua ku balik. 

Bah kamu, aku kan tido dulu, awalkan? iatah. apakan. hahaha. bah. Salam.