Monday, July 14, 2008

Warung Zura


Have you ever had those weird wish when you were a kid, where you would just want a twin. I know it sounds funny, some twins might be sick of their twin or the other way around. But for myself. I was the kid who always wanted a twin. Well, probably it was because of the Twin drama TV influence that I watched when I was a kid. The idea to confuse people and making them to drop their jaw wide open seeing two identical twins at the same time really fascinates me. Well, that perception could probably be considered as the lame or the old-school.

I was at the qlap mall today, watching HellBoy. It was funny, dramatic and very funny at times. I was out with Eddy, his brother and my brother. He asked me about the development about the things that i got involved to, i said ok, just praying for more. 

And tadi, I went to Warung Zura, i tried the Nasi Katok smbal Medium and ABC. wah! marvellous! hehehe. nyaman eh. I chatted with her and indeed, she was a nice lady to talk to, shy a bit, but still, friendly. 

lol. Khai, aku update dah blog ku. hehehehe. kes aku keburingan.