Tuesday, July 29, 2008



My first day of attachment was a lil bit fun. We met our Supervisor and our..Supervisor 2? hahaha. Dua2 sporting. First task kami was to usai the network, it was simple, tapi tiga2 turun mengusai. hahaha. mahalkan. Then, kami kana suruh design cover page for buku program, siuk lah, iski ku mbuat. 

Oh yea, Al-fatihah to my friend yang passed away kmarin, Hj Aiman. May god bless his soul.

Recently bnyk accident happened, it creeps me out everytime ku tpikir sal atu. I saw one video dulu sal orang accident, nda ku abis liat and i dont think i want to abiskan, inda ku smpai hati, i mean, why would you want to do that?? jangan wah, i mean, bayangkan if that happens to your family and kana video and kana spread around. STOP SPREADING THE VIDEOS!!! IT'S JUST SO KEJAM WAH! Not just videos, photos too!! STOP IT!!

To my friends, please drive carefully, be careful in anything, i love y'all. Baca doa sblum jalan, bismillah sblum buat apa2. 

Bah, gotta go, kan usai baju lagi, about the photos for the orientation, nanti2 tah, aku balum ada gmbarnya, aku pakai SLR kwnku, iatah, i need to take it from her. sabar lah menanti wahai pembaca. Daaa~