Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pong Gir

Hey.. I just got back from the KK trip, I miss my laptop, I miss my room, I miss my family so much and I already miss the GT, hehe.

Anyway, I wont be posting the photos at the moment, it'll take days to do that, so to Ben Bennasi, hehe, keep on waiting, I'll post the photos soon. 

The trip was quite fun, we took off on 7th July at 9 am, luckily the school term has started, so less people queueing up at the immigration station. Stopped by at Kuala Lurah for money exchanged. It was quite high, not bad at all. Then at 2.30 pm, we stopped at the Sepitang Mosque to do our Qasar prayer. The view from that mosque was magnificent, so heart warming and relaxed.

The journey took about 6-8 hours, I was the sleepy head during the trip, Rider was the driver, I felt guilty becoz of that, I was not that great in Manuals as well as the Direction leading. Sorry Rider, I still feel guilty, I could read it from your face. :P

We arrived at the Api2 Centre at about 4-5 pm, we took our rest, unpacked our bags and went out. We had our late dinner at the Curry House below. 

Ben Bennasi was the most hyper guy in that car, he cursed and couldn't stop talking, a very funny guy and ladies man. :P (OppS! Sorry Ben. :P) We walked around the Centrepoint, much into window shopping, I wanted to get some shoes, but then, I was keeping cash for myself, so I just moved on and chilled in at the Starbucks. Frappucino Blended Coffee Caramel with Cream is sooo good (with blueberry cheesecake for side dish).

The second day we took off to the Gunong, it took 2-4 hours, we got lost, hehe, we're humans, we made mistake. Checked in to Pine Resort at 2.30 pm, wanted to go to the Park, but then time was so limited, we cancelled it out and buzz around the Kundasang stalls. Our target was the Kundasang Tongkeng, GT's main food, lol. It was sweet and cheap. I bought myself some honey for 10 RM a bottle. 

Third day, we headed to the Poring(Pong-Gir), hehe, we were lost again, I felt really bad this time, coz I was pointing out the direction at first, and slept. :P. We arrived at Poring at 2 pm and Rider was a bit dissapointed at some of us(including moi) coz we didnt pack up the things that we needed to bring to Poring earlier.  

We had fun a lot, altho I could not swim, but still, I had fun just like the rest, lots of nice "Views" to enjoy(IYKWIM).

Back at the KK city at 8 pm - ish and went to Wisma Merdeka, it was kinda late, I didnt shop a lot, I was actually dizzy, I forgot to bring my medication, so I was actually not feeling really well, but I kept that aside and enjoyed the trip. We checked in at Marina at 9.45 pm, had a quick rest and then set off to Starbucks, where we met Noren, Gosh, I felt stupid, I gave her the wrong email address, Noren, If you're reading this, hehe, tell me alright. :s

The next day, we did our last minute shopping, I wanted to get a perfume and my medication, but time was limited, so I cancelled out those stuff and just went home. Hehe. Again, I slept in the car, being really quiet, feeling really guilty. 

I only bought two shirts my self, some badges and honey. Most of my cash are spent on the foods, hehe. Starbucks - where can you get that in Brunei??

So yea, as for now, to Ben, I'll post the photos soon, enjoy your new "gift". :P. To RV, haha, stop stressing out, we're always here for you, to Lil Mic, hehe, keep on being funny, I had the video where you sang in the car, hehe, tell me when you want it, :P, or i'll just keep it to myself. To Packir, haha, Talan la ko dengan Tick -Tock  Tick-Tock mu itu, sampai ko paralai, hahaha, no lah, I enjoyed having him around, Lucu gitu deh. To Rider, heheehe, Soooooorrrrrryyyyy, hehe, mun kan marah baik ke mall, heheh, nada dih, i'll learn back the manual and will bring a lot of coffee nanti to make me awake and helpful. :P

Too bad the rest couldn't make it, whatever the problem is, we still share and listen, GT forever. Hehe.

p/s: To noneh, hehehe, I got thru, i wont update anything about that at this moment. So just keep on waiting. :)