Thursday, July 3, 2008


Life is...

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Anyhow, I was out yesterday with the GT, Ham and Jazli. The plan was to play bowling, but, it ended up only the 3 of us, excluding me, who were among of the only participants came yesterday. I was there to show Rider the new design he requested. At about 4 0r 5 pm, we headed to some custom made shirts shop, lol, thats one long name. We've chosen few designs and agreed on one. Went back to Utama Bowling at 6 or so, ate Satays at one of the restaurant below and stayed there for almost 2 hour. Sorted out our plans for this coming trip and other stuff. Went back home at 8.30, spent my time on the net and had an early sleep.

I was pretty tired exhausted by then, Jaz had a new cam, canon G9, it's not SLR, but sure is fun to have. I'm still hoping for the SLR. In the mean time, I gotta brush off myself for this coming call, which is in 1 week time. Wow. Yaikss!

I just learnt a new word yesterday, from LilMic. The word is Sanyam. Apparently a lot of people knew this word, and as one of the Dalam people, as Halim might call me, I myself, did not have a clue what Sanyam meant. It is actually the same like Diam-Senyap, or the other way around. Some sort of something that you encountered or happened that shuts your face off. LOL. I'm not sure if that's right. But yeah, SANYAM, there you go. hehe.

ps: if Sanyap + Diam = Sanyam.. then.. Riuh + Nyanyah = Rinyah? hahaha. antamz..