Sunday, February 1, 2009

At last..

At last, selama 1 bulan menunggu, heheh, kini, semua pertanyaan yang MALAR kana tanyakan rh Dayat sudah terjawap.

On 30th January, 2009, I woke up pretty early, Dayat inda dapat tidur mikirkan the big THING in that morning. Woke up and saw my parents udah bangun, prepare2 and then tarus jalan for hair and make up. hehe. I know~ that early~

Sampai ke NBT, few orang tagur, all I could do was thank and smile to them, hehe, dalam ati kabak2. Saw my management inside. Skali, dalam sekelip mata saja, gambar2, a little interview and a lot of laughters.

First person yang ikut was my Mom, my Dad drove back home, since he brought his own car. Back at home, I felt a bit sad, haha, I know~ sad~ meliat keta Mazda Dayat, so I took him for a wash and kept him in a good condition, BEJASA tu Mazda ah and yes, I love using both of them.

So now people, hehe, there you go~ The VIOS is here, hehe. Thank you to NBT for the support and sponsor, without these supports, there wont be a strong based of trust towards the local talents, these kind of support means a lot to the local entertainment industry. I won this car after facing through the 6 months of intensive training, full of cries, laughter and sweet moments. Basically, it was worth of waiting, 1 month, with good reasons, thank you again to NBT for keeping it in good condition. Not forgetting as well to the press that came that day, thank you once again for coming, we need the power of the press a lot to make us move further in this industry, thank you once again. Thank you to GCC for awarding the grand prize, thank you for the good management and thank you for keeping us safe and maintained. Hope to see more in the future, Amin. Lastly, thank you so much to my fans, friends and family, and sesiapa je lah yang support Dayat, im gona say this again and im not bored of saying it, Thank you so much for listening to me with your ears and heart and not with your eyes, thank you for the support, thank you for believing in me. Ill do a mini photo project with my new car soon, hehe, i'll upload it once done, hehehe.

Thank you once again, GERENTI~~~~~~ ingat besar ingat DAYAT~~~