Friday, February 13, 2009


Salam people.

Sorry for the MIA. It's been a rough week for me. SDP's starting soon, I'm in a group with Eddy and Silah, guys, we work together yea. I may be the one who always have the tight schedule, but I'll do my best to keep this group and project hit its target.

I'm performing for Anugrah Rtb this sunday, singing along with Maria, Putri Norizah and Faiz Nawi. Honestly, I cant believe that myself, well, it's luck, and I'm thankful that I've been given this chance. So people, dont forget to watch Anugrah Rtb this sunday.

Currently, I'm listening to Chris Brown fet Keri Hilson, Super Human. Some of the lyrics are like:

Where every problem is gone becauseI flew everywhere with love inside of meIt's unbelievable to seeHow love can set me free.

People, if you think that love solves everything, some might be true, know the answer.

One of my, This is the moment, the song I brought during the final, it really lift up my spirit and confidence level up . Part of the verse that I really-really like, I just have share it with you..

"For all this year, I've faced the world alone, and now the time has come, to prove to them I've made it on my own"

Now, that's true. I hope the benefits will continue.

Some of you want me to link you, well, for the moment, I wont be able to do that yet, but I'll do it soon. I promise.