Monday, February 23, 2009


I was bored yesterday, menunggu orang me msg2 untuk buat sdp, langsung nada. So, I took out september and gambar these kids. hehehe. It's funny sometimes to see them holding the flags, dorang macam ke calian jua, macam iski jua. But what surprised me yesterday was one of them said, "Amit, merdeka!" and they're only below 10 years old ? Tani yang adult ani, udah orang cakap merdeka, baru tah tani."Uhh. Merdeka! yeay!" hahaha. Are we being proud of our country or we're just not sure of it? I my self terasa masa he said that, so now, I am correcting it and should all of us be proud of our country.

I am proud of it. Anyway, Brunei's celebrating it's 25th National Day today, so datang la lagi kemeriahan di Brunei, where you can see a lot of people, having fun, running around, laughing, giggling, just having a good time for the time being. Sama2 menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan. Well, sorry to some of you, aku inda ikut marching, I got my own valid reason, I'm serving for the country as well, but in a different way. So, you and I are just the same. Dont Complain. :)

So to you outthere, tonite at 9 pm, dont miss it, at RTB2, Ria Merdeka will be aired. You can watch us the p2f singing patriotic songs.