Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi people.

Sorry lama kan update skit, hehe, I'm just lazy sometimes.

Anyway, last time I had a question by a good friend of mine, to talk about some topic. I promised that I would blog about it. well, here it goes.

Some says communication is very important in life. TRUE. I agree on that 100% BUT sadly, some could only emphasize that by TEXT. I remember some saying that you wont go around that much if you dont ask, well, that's it, communicating-VERBALLY(luruskah ejaan ku tu?).

To me, communication involves all.. via TEXT, BODY LANGUAGE and VERBALLY. There is no point of you stressing out how communication is seriously needed in life by words.. you gotta work on it, I've heard people saying Less word, more action.. well in this case, i have to change that to More words, more action.

so if you that I am wrong, well then, I'm sorry, you can correct me, but so far, this is what I believe.

That's it. :) hehe. C you around people.