Friday, February 20, 2009




hehe. sorry ah, if balik2 tukar layout. a friend of mine said, sakit matanya meliat blogskin ku tukar2, and true, aku pun paning, i just want it simple. well.. hehe. sadang lah simplenya.

so, here it is. sorry balum ku telink some of you guys, sal banyak kan di buat, soon~~ very soooooon~ i promise.

ok, what did i do last week. Well, banyak class nada last week, since banyak rehearsal untuk national day, YES people, I'm not joining the marching, sal i got something to do on that day jua, for the national day jua. So yeah~

I got some of my friends ingau kan aku busy saja dgn show, well, thank you people for that, no worries, i am trying my best to cope up with the studies as well. For some, they made a joke, everytime orang cari aku di class, they'll say.."RECORDING-RECORDING!" well, i know 'who' said that, thank you for saying that or for your effort to pollute others about my personal life. FYI. I know what to do with my life and I decide what I want to do, so far, I dont see my self borrowing your cash or touching your coins for my studies or my job. So, yeah, I hope you understand, and I have to admit, nice style you got there, I think the over the height pouch is WAY to cool. MPB.

So, yea, I was invited to perform for Anugrah RTB this year. It was such an experience, I really loved it, and I enjoyed performing with them. Maria, Putri and Faiz were so nice and fun. Siuk lah. Hopefully next year ada lagi, hehe, Amin~ ehehe.

Now, Im just stressing my self with SDP proposal, sorry to Eddy sal aku MIA saja, but no worries, I did my job and I wont disappoint you Eddy and Sil. hehehe.

There will be another recording soon (YES to mr 'WHO', ada lagi. :) ). I gotta be ready for that.

Oh yea, today we had a visit to the I-Centre, I know Im being like so sakai but IT WAS FUN sana. I mean, the speaker was so fun and entertaining, it was not like a lame boring speech, I like it. and oh yea, what I like about that place is that it has cool security system. If you want to know what I mean, just go there. GERENTI~~ inda nyasal. hehe.

balik rumah, my sister's maid told me that my lil brother is in the hospital, tangannya patah, pasal telipat masa tegugur, ndalah trok brabis, apakan?? sakit jua kali ah. ingau ku lehnya.

So now, im off to bed. AWAL ah. hehe. SADANG. ngaleh saya. hehe.