Monday, May 19, 2008

Hiking And Tungking

Hey.. hehe, I'm suppose to be at the ICC today, but yeah, I overslept. hehe.

Yesterday, Me and Adi went to Shahbandar, my early plan was to go for a jog at Damuan, heheh, but Adi wanted to go to Shahbandar, so yeah I said, why not.

Arrived at around 4 pm, did some stretching, then moved on wards to the first hill. As I went up, I started to breathe deeply and Adi kept on advising me to control my breath and not to look up, try to look down all the time. As it was few more steps to reach the first hill, my back started to feel heavy, it went down to legs, I just could hardly move, instead of making a big step, I was actually dragging my feet, NOW THAT SHOWS HOW LONG HAVE I LEFT HIKING.

After the success of reaching the first hill, I had a few mins break, took out my cam and started to take few shots, haha, which most of them are blurry coz my hand was shaking hard! Then I moved on to the second hill.

On my way to the second hill, my back was giving a hard time again, I stopped and told Adi to moved on. Adi said that he didnt want that, he wanted both of us to move. Haha, such a huge friend support. Thanks man. But yeah, I called it quit, told him to go up and wait for me in 5 minutes, if i'm not there, he'll find me at the grandstand, which by now, you would probably know which one did I choose. Hehe.

On my way to the grandstand, I felt so bad for Adi, so I went down hill to buy some drinks for him, using a car. hahahaha.

An hour after, Adi came back to the grandstand, he was not smiling to me, haha, so I gave him the drink, he wanted to yell at me for not trying, but then, I managed to cool him down, by giving him the drink. hehehe. safe one.

It's been a while I havent been to Shahbandar, I missed the tasik there.So me and Adi went to the tasik and had a lite chit chat.

Then at nite, I went to JP with Adi, Indra and Mizan. Mizan a bit late that nite, he was busy with *something*. hahaha.

I bought Tungking, coz that was our plan, JP has the best Tungking ever. Went to Alladin and sat there. As usual, we started off by telling ghost stories to each other, experiences and so on, we are like the ghost stories hunter, exciting but creepy! haha. Everyone had goosebumps, Mizan came along and changed the topic.

As he did his jokes, I ordered the Alladin Chicken Sandwich, haha, so much to the hiking,LOL.

We talked and talked, brought up the memories in Temburong OBBD and had a huge laugh on that. Then towards the end of the session, Mizan brought back the creepy topic, he told us there is this one song that can call the Ponti's. I had goosebumps and told him to stop, haha, but he moved on and talked about it, I kept my head away and wandered around, hehe, trying my best not to think too much on that.

Adi has something new tho, hehe, a very nice hot new one, I'm not sure if I am allowed to say so, but for a safe side, I better zip it off first. hehehe.

We went home at 2 am, haha, I rushed coz my tummy hurts. Nature Call. hehehehe.