Monday, May 5, 2008


Today we had our SAM test, god~ it was so hard, well, not really hard, it turns hard when I cant the balance. Daym~

Anyhow, schedules are gettin tight, here and there with things to do, especially TEST - we cant run away from it.

This morning I came to ITB at around 9 ish, I was thinking to wear something different, few different thots clashes and yea, at last, I just moved on with whatever I had. hahaha, does that make sense? hahaha. biar ya eh.

Me and Indra went to watch Congkak just now, HELL~~! It was one of the most scariest movie I've ever seen, hahaha, the sound effect kills!

After that, I went straight home, thot of something to do tomoro afternoon, something really important. Ya Allah, mudahan jua ok bisuk, Amin..