Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stupidness is yours.

Something happened last nite, while busy dream weaving, someone texted me up on MSN, someone whom I dont really like, especially in MSN, the stupidity~ arrggh! I just cant stand it.

As usual, this person asked how I was doing and what was I up to, so I replied that I was doing my work, hoping to be left alone, un bothered with the stupidness. But, somehow, that person kept asking, simple questions, which I found very stupid, I mean, come on! even my nephew could answer that question. Then, this person asked me to do something that I dont want to do, something that is to mess up with some one's life, especially when you really know that person, and knowing that person has just broke up, or not, whatever it is, I dont mess up with someone's life, I'm not like this person I was chatting with. I rejected the request politely, but this person kept on insisting me to do it and even asked me to offer my friend to do the job, which I think is STUPID. I replied that I wont be doing that, but then, I was accused being very unappreciative and very stubborn for not accepting a good deed? WTF?? which part of the world did you get that from?? GOD~ remind me to stop you from joining the teaching practise course, you could be the next demolisher(is there such word?)

So yea, be reminded again, not everyone is like you, not everyone likes what you do, not everyone think its that funny.

Anyhow, back to last nite, I was dream weaving with Eddy (sounds kinky but NOT!) I was facing the laptop all day long, Eddy was doing the same thing, we both had a stressful situation. I thot dream weaving wont be that stressful, but hey~ I had an hour sleep only, due to that. Wow!

I'll be going off to Temburong tomoro(how do you really spell this????), and I have a PC test on monday, yeay! What a life.


Anonymous said...

It's 'tomorrow' darling *chuckled*.

deenina.salleh said...

wehehe.confirm inda cukup tidur sampai inda lagi ter.. ter apa tu namanya.. ahhh.. ter-eja