Friday, May 30, 2008


Last nyt, I was hangin out with the GT somewhere around Brunei. It's a usual nite out, we had our food and started talkin.

As the nite went on, we were playin cards (dont get us wrong, no money involved), I could only watched coz I dont even know how to play those (I know~ Boring Life huh?). I was staring at this couple of guys, with something in their hand. That something is an alcoholic drink.

Rider told me that it's common in Brunei and I dont have to worry about it. That shut me up for quite a while.

I had thots wandering in my head, WHY? HOW? WHY????

Then Rider started saying that he was also dissapointed with the youngsters nowadays, being one himself, he could feel the blame of all people.

"What happened to the Bruneians nowadays?" That question came out from Rider's head, we were both thinking the same thing. Not that I'm trying to be busybody with someone's personal life, I'm not even talking about personal life here, it was a group of youngsters, doing it in Public, if you want to call it personal, do it at your home then.

What shocked me also is that, Marchboy was pointing to the big Holy words displayed inside one of the restaurant walls that quotes "La Haula Wala Quata I'lla Billah".

"Ya Allah" That is the only thing I could said when I realized that.

Rider said, that Holy words had been displayed there for quite a long time. I know that's good, but is it still GOOD if you are using your premises to sell Alcoholic drinks too?? A premises with that Holy words?? Hmmm..

You may call me boring or no fun at all, up to you, but I'm just shocked with these things. What happen to our Bruneian Youngsters nowadays, especially the Muslim ones? Why would you want to involve yourself with such mess?

I myself may not be that perfect as well, I'm also not a strong person, but if there is one thing that I wont let myself fall into, is the Alcoholic drink. I may eat a lot(in private or public), I may smoke (I dont actually), I may hang out, be loud and be a jerk, but I may never ever touch Alcoholic drinks. I dont hate those drunk "Bruneian Youngsters", I'm just dissapointed. Very.

Dont talk to me about law if this post seemed to be a threat or an invasion of you personal's life, you yourself should think first about your life with the LAW if they find out your sneaky little behaviour.

No, it DID not disturb me, but it upset me a lot. I didn't get hurt physically, but emotionally and mentally, FYI, it affects NOT just to my self BUT to all other youngsters out there who DID not deal with those mess, think of the blames they are getting just because of you, think of the parents views about them, think of the views from people outside BRUNEI, think of BRUNEI, all JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.

Get yourself together people. Sorry if you're offended by this, I'm just expressing my thoughts, whereelse could it be apart from my own blog.