Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drifting and paning. Pregnant?? NO~~

Today is the first day of our Exam. I could say, it's 40%-60% effort's paid off. Eddy and I only slept for 2 hours, we worked really hard (with Oreo, Tim Tam, Ice Cream and Nasi Katok along the way~ thanks Mum :) )

I spent almost 50 mins on question number 1! After the exam, we went to Gadong for lunch. Eddy was so stress, he drifted his car quite a number of times, I could only sit and close my eyes, hoping things wont happen again. I wanted to puke, well, we wanted to, haha, but we kept it, and just held on to it. I just dont know how Eddy did that with that driftings.

Halim had his card today, yeay! enjoy Lim. Oh yea, congratz to my cuz, Asde, for making it to finals. U can do it cuz! hehehe.