Monday, May 12, 2008

Temburong Rocks

Yesterday was one of the most exciting moment I've ever had. I was invited by Archmedia and Telbru to mc the mega carnival show and to perform few number. I was pretty worried during my journey to Temburong, butterflies in my stomach, plus, I was road sick. Asde was also invited, he was to perform 3 songs.

As we reached the Bumiputra Complex, I was so amazed with the scenery there, it didnt look and feel like Brunei, as if, I was somewhere in Sabah. We had our breakfast there, we had cucur udang, it's been a while I havent had cucur udang. After that, I was called up to announce the crowd about the event. I was pretty nervous at first, stumbled on few words, but that at least help my adrenaline to cool down.

Stuart came along to help me out on stage, at the first few minutes, I was so bad, I didnt even know what I was talking about, but as it went on, I got used to it and started to enjoy the whole show. My parents were there to watch the show, thanks to them for the support and for the help, Love you both.

For my first song, I sang Akhir Cerita Cinta, I didnt know the response was that good, the crowd applaused and had few thumbs up from the crowd. Previously, Asde managed to melt down some of the female audience with his number, "Sandaran Hati" and "Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta", everytime his name was mentioned, the female audience got mad.

Stuart said"I wish I can sing like him." The audience wanted more of my performance, so, as a gift for their support, I sang another track called "Seribu Tahun", as I sang, I spun around the center and look up to the audience, they responded very well, god.. I just love the people so much.

3 ladies came up to me before I did my last song, complimenting on the show. I found out from one of them that they also like to sing and performed quite a number of time in Temburong, so, as a request, I asked them to sing one song for me, Asde tagged along and listened to these ladies. I was amazed by them, they could really go as a group, good vocals and good support. Some lady approached us and asked for our contacts, we talked a lil bit and found out again, that this lady, is also a singer, and the daughters too! wow. Temburong is full with talented people, hidden somewhere in that place.

What amazed me so much, is that, the response, their acceptance towards the local talents, one lady even said, "Dangarkan yang local dulu, baru dangar yang luar". The guys in Temburong, not like the typical guys, they supported the locals very much and was accepting us very well. Thank you Temburong people, also, Thank You to the rest of you for the support, not just in Temburong, also in the other 3 districts.

I'm just a human being, I believe in good intention(is there any more fun word than that?), believe in yourself .

Thanks to Telbru and Archmedia for inviting, Thank you Temburong and a happy belated mothers day to my mom.

(Sorry, I left my cam at home yesterday, so I didnt get any photos, So SaYANGG!)