Sunday, May 18, 2008

We just had our test yesterday, our CS test and it was a relief!

We were revising at my place, as usual, we stayed up late, I slept at 3, Eddy slept an hour early before that. I wasn't really worried the night before the test, I tried to, but, still I was all relax.

On the day itself, I started to feel a bit cold, I sweat a lot, having all of those that I have revised fully packed inside my head, making my heart beat every second, yes, feeling worried and excited.

After the test, we had a lil recap on the ISM topics and after that, me, Eddy and the rest of the CIT23 went to the Berakas Beach, it was unplanned, it was just to release our tension.

Iza was there too, she brought us to C.A Mohammed and had our early dinner there. I tried the Mee Mamak, it was soooooo goood!!!! hahaha.

skali went home, hehe, my lens karing udah, hahaha, so yea, that's all I did for today. hehe. kes nada kn di blog.