Tuesday, August 12, 2008



A shout out to my juniors, Congratz in winning the netball tournament. However, I was not happy to hear the quarrel, but anyways, past it past, congratz on that.

Anyhow, let's take a deep breathe and smile.

15's coming soon, I'm very nervous, time is very precious, I've been working hard since last two weeks, I need to get it right. My shirts are done tomorrow, I can't wait to see how it looks like (BAIK SIAP ISUK! or its FREE!)

Things are getting tight in the office, papers are coming in, lots to be altered, lots to be designed and time is just soooo limited. 

Oh yea, I went to a shop few days ago, where I wanted to get this shirt, it's a very nice one. But, I just dont like the salesperson attitude, just because I come with a large package, it doesnt mean you can be rude to me, plus size people like me never really hurts anyone that is less smaller than them, so why do you have to hurt us? 

I was not really entertained by their judging attitude, because of what I asked and what I wanted, DUDE, YOU'RE WEARING THE SHOP'S T-SHIRT, GET REAL, YOU COULD BE NAKED WHEN YOU LOST YOUR JOB. A simple NO is fine with me. You know what you did, so you think about it.

This is the thing that I dont like, some workers tend to have this attitude towards customers, for example few days, I went out with the GT, we ordered some drinks, unfortunately to Macboy, his drinks tasted like Spices - Bandung campur Spices? apakan tu? So we called up the waitress to change his drink, rudely, the waitress rolled her eyes when we called her (mengeluh). WTF? I know ngaleh kaja ani, but that's the fact of working, you can't change it, even a boss has to go here and there just to make things happen. If you don't like annoying customers like us, simple, quit your job, be a housewife - oh no - dont be! stay single, coz if you're planning to have a child - WRONG! lagi tah trok kali. 

So yea, work is work, attitude atu mesti di jaga, we serve things to customer, think of how you want them to pay you and avoid things that could pissed them off. Understood? sorry eh broken english, lalah ku dah, malastah ku lagi kan ngusai. Dui~~

Bah, gtg, kan bobo dulu. Daa.