Saturday, August 16, 2008



sorry for d MIA. I've been busy these days, caught up with the upcoming event at MOE, doing all of the programme book contents, juggling my time with the rehearsals and on.

Last nite was a lot of fun, tho i cried towards the end of the event, coz some of them got out, including my cuz, I just couldn't stand it, we both worked pretty hard. But, it was very tough, we had to stand out among others, show that we understood the format of the show. Well, we did our best, it was all up to the judges, they were among the pros.

So tonite, again, we're gona head off to see the result, let's just hope everyone could go home happy, taking it positively.

Oh, to those who came that nite and who had wished me luck, thank you so much peepz, love u all.

*Wardrobe malfunction. hehe. I need to fix that soon. hehe.