Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fitness Zone and Nasi Katok Nabil


Just got back. We were at the fitness zone from 12 til 5 just now, thanks to Greencity people and the rest of the students for the birthday song, I felt like I want to cry. At first, I thought he was gona ask us to dance or something, since we were being naughty and very hyper. haha. But then, a birthday song. I was so touched. Once again, TQ very much. I love u all! hehe.

Then we headed to Nasi Katok Nabil, wow~ batah dah inda ku makan nasi katok ani, so yea, had a good time dengan dorg, Si Adib and Ina g malar ngatil, hahaha, hanya orang2nya saja tau apa. Nda Cali tu! Haha. :P

Then went to Kiulap to buy something and after that headed straight home. 

Adib and Bdit

Ina and Faw

Bdit, Adib, Si Dayat cute(haha) and Ina~


Asde and Ardy and..bayang orang main Bball tadi. hehe.

kepada Walter, hehe, all the best man, sorry kami inda batah, hehehe.