Tuesday, August 26, 2008



been busy today, doing some work at the office. I came late today, I went to the hospital for a check up, but daym! it was a long queue, so I walked out, knowing that I was already late. On my way to the office, had a tummy ache, so did a u-turn back to home. I was called up for the show tomorrow, it was just a reminder, which reminds me to shop more for the outfit. I know, I've spent most of my cash on wardrobes, it's a good spent, it's not like I spend it on something that's not worth it, this spending is reusable and can be fit and match with others, depending on how creative you want to be and how the theme goes. This is the industry, it's never too bad to spend on your clothing. But how about the hair? Ohh well, I myt just do it my self.

Singing was just a hobby, but eventually I got serious at one point, where I thought I could use that to help my family and my self. What? I sing? haha. I know, I got that a lot, people do really judge from the looks, I admit it, I am a loud person at class, at work, the clown. None of that showed that I am into music. haha. well, that's a good thing, at least I'm not showing off like some people are(IYKWIM), or at least they think they could. oh well.

Ucai's birthday is tomorrow, he's turning 23. Happy advance birthday bro, don't be down always ok. You need to be happy always.

There are certain things that I like during these days, I like it if what I do is being appreciated, not being mocked and being pushed around, like we the IT's are the God of recovery. I've encountered few people with this attitude, yeap, they mentioned few computer jargons in their speech, but doing it, requires us? even for one small simple thing? WTH?