Tuesday, August 5, 2008


1. Tell us your name
Dayat. Day. D.

2. Three things about yourself
Big, Tall and annoying. :P

3. What’s in your playlist
Rio F.

4. Your favourite music
I like everything, depending on my mood.

5. Favourite guilty pleasure
Haha. Ehem. Next.

6. Favourite food

7. Define love
Love is when you feel weird together, but each day, it makes u wanted to be with them more and more and LOSING is not your favorite.

8. Define sex
Sex is...when stories about baby being carried by Stalks to earth ENDS.

9. Any celebrity crushes?
Still Sandra bullock. Biar cia wah.

10. The last person you hugged
one of the GT. haha.

11. The last person you talked to
Azwan. Hehe. Mr Alam Semesta. :P

12. The last time you cried
2 months ago.

13. The last time you had sex
Hahaha. Last time.. Haha.. NEXT!

14. The last time you made out
made wat? haha.

15. The last person you dated
My ex.

16. The last time you went out
Last nite.

17. What’s on your mind now?
Preparation and...(kosong..)...

18. What’s bothering you?

19. This year’s resolutions
Getting thin is so last year. Let's get cuter this year! haha.

20. Your MSN nick
Cigu Dayat.

21. What’s your MSN nick about?
Haha. It's about me being called Cigu Dayat.

22. The people you miss the most
My friends, GT's, my old school friends. Sigh.

23. Current mood
Jiwang. Haha. Lagu Si Mr Alam Semesta mendayu2 ah. Pisan ku eh! haha.

24. What are you thinking?
Bila kluar ah.. batah eh..

25. Best childhood memory
My birthdays..

26. 3 of your biggest fears
Losing my friend. Losing my family. Losing my hope.

27. Who do you love?
My Mom. hehe. queen of my heart. pastu.. sandra bullock..hehe.. majal.

28. 3 of the things you hate

29. Do you blog?
Eh.. inda eh. Nada.. mana ada. Awu.. nada.. astah.. majal..

30. Tag 6 people