Monday, August 25, 2008

Sick and Rabun


I'm not feeling well today, dari last week dah, I think it's because of the weather and lack of sleeps. My throat's dry, Body Ache, Feeling Dizzy and all. Anyhow, I'm at the office ryt now, doing the syair programme. The printing is way slow.

Ok, some of my friends keep on asking, how's p2f? so far, alhamdulillah, i've moved on, i need to work out a lot, fix few things, here and there. I've passed the first, second and third, i'm hoping to reach the finals. Wish me a lot of luck guys. Lots of thing to plan, I need to make more wardrobes, this is the thing, it's either I buy it or make it, for people like me, our size is hard to get, so therefore, a good way to do it, is to make one just like it, but this one, you can add up anything you want.

I miss bkp, I miss laughing with them, how are you guys?? I hope you're doing fine. I miss my group 2, I miss my old classmates. If you see me, tagur2 ah, coz aku rabun kdg2, hehe.