Friday, August 22, 2008

What is in my mind now?


Sorry for being MIA peepz, I just got back from shopping. I had to shop for this sunday's event, that's just me. If I think I don't have the perfect match, I'll shop till I get one, but only one, not more than that, and i encounter lack of cash, that's because I'd spent it mostly on foods - HAHA! dont get me wrong, I spent on something that's worth my taste. If i think it's worth to spend that much, id do it, but it all depends sometimes. hehe.

Anyways, what have I been doing today? Hmm. Oh yea, I think it's just my lucky day, I stumbled upon lots of people I know today, I felt happy, very happy and calm. No complains. No doubts. Free~

I went to the bank in the afternoon, right after the friday prayer, we were there to settle somethings, but in the end, we found out that the thing is just not ready yet. So I rushed back to pick up my cuz, I asked him to accompany me shopping and just hung out with the rest of our friends.

At 4, we were at the Qlap Mall, met Qeez, hehe, the very lating and loud girl. She, Azeem, Ina and Kancil, are bunch of loud people. hehe. It's fun, you get to laugh around seeing them fooling around. We bought tickets and watched Mirror. OMG! you should watch that, it's just so scary, I dont like the part where the hottie died horrificly. Daym. Something happened at the cinema. hehe. nt to be mention here.

Then, me and my cuz went off to Gadong, to get myself some sport's attire. Hehe. Found some. Not really that picky, but you know me, if i am shopping for outfits, it takes me a while, thinking ate most of the time. I could look miserable at times. :P

Then, before heading home, we dropped by at London's Kebab to have some Shish and Lamb Kebab! haha. I introduced that place to my cuz(I know it's just way too late to do that), and walaa! He kept on saying how yummy it is to me, along with some side talks.:P

I got back, washed my face and start blogging. To all whom I did not reply the text, I'm sorry, my phone's out of batt, so, I had to put it on charge mode at the moment. :P. Anyways, insya allah to those who had invited for hang outs, I'll try to make it. no worries. love you all.