Saturday, August 9, 2008

Triple 8

hey guys

okay, what have i been doing for the past two days? hmmm.. on thursday, morning, i was working and afternoon went to jabatan penerangan for a press conference. Night, I hung out with Ucai, Ucop and Gyrawr. Hehehe. We talked and talked, laughed our ass off while enjoying tungking. Gyrawr just couldnt stop laughing, Ucop was talking about someone I know and Ucai was being himself, funny.

Then yesterday, I was suppose to go to the gym, but I woke up so late, so yeah, I decided to stay and did my laundry. Pretty much nothing in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to kiulap to meet up with my sister. Then I went off to do a survey on the items that I want. I was planning to buy external harddisk, but I think i'm gonna wait for the next allowance, I just need to save things this month. However, I spent some on shirts for some upcoming events, DVD - R and some toiletries for my self. Then I went straight home, locking my self for couple of hours, hahaha, resting. Then night time, I went out with the GT, but not menungking, we went to kfc instead, we hung out till 12, we talked and talked. Too bad packir, Khai and Cinta couldn't come.

Oh yea, yesterday was the triple 8! happy belated triple 8 people! love u!

I'll upload the photos soon. Very soon. Tata.