Sunday, June 1, 2008

Apa2 je. hehe.

Love life. I know I'm a nobody to talk about this. But, I'm 21 and I know how to think logically.

The feeling of love is very unexpressable, some call it magic, some call it mysterious, whichever it is, it's only the person in love will know how it feels.

Dont rush in love, dont care what people might call you if you are 40 and you are still single, BUT never ever lose hope, always try to find one. AND if you feel like you have the right to fight for your love, stand up and follow your heart, who doesn't love a sweaty journey with a romantic ending(apakan ??).

Anyway, I was out last nite with GT. RV was having a dilema, we as his friends, helped him to sort those things out, hehe, it was really fun last nite, Rider and LilMic was there too, both contributing opinions towards RV dilema. We learnt one word last nite - SHIFTING and we learnt one line - DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? hahaha. I just realized that I got emotional when I pointed out my views, but it's fun, having different opinions from RV.

RV, dont worry man, we are still here ayt, no matter what, you can always count on us, we lay our shoulders when you need one. Oh yea, about the last message, hehehe, SHHH~ keep it to yourself RV. Thanks anyway for the treat. Paling best is the love from us, your friends RV. Hehehehe. Dont worry ayt.

To LilMic:-Do you think you can dance? hahaha.
To RV:-Awu, big squeezy butt is a high point for some ladies but NOT too BIG! ahaha.
To Rider:-Erm..Nice hair. hehehehe. Nanti2 tah tri extreme ayt.
To Marchboy:-Rugi ko nada ah, hahaha, RV lanja makan x ah! :P

GT rocks! kekeke.