Monday, June 23, 2008

The and The


Last nite I hung out sma GT at Rider's place, it was only me, him and macBoy. I brought along some horror movies and ordered pizza, that nite was our relaxing nyt. lol. apakan.

Holiday start udah, so, i'm dead bored at home, as Eddy mentioned, boring eh cuti ani, that's why, we are planning to go out ujung minggu ani, with our x-cst23 mates, just us goin around somewhere.. in this world. lol. Eddy's team didn't make it to the next round, but he said it was a lot of fun di sana, iski ku mendangar, but i, on the other hand, went to padang, to watch the tug of war, luruskah tu? hehehe. Tarik kalat wah.

My brother belawan kemarin, teamnya G16, hehe, durang malar manang kali ah, tapi nda to at the end, sapa manang ah. haha. but overall, orang sana kuat-kuat lah, cam aku, yang badan basar ani, kecik pulak rasanya. and more surprising, ada someone yang i could consider kanak2 la maseh, hehe, sorry, tapi durang join tarik kalat, kurus2 lagi tu, cam tecabar jua ku tu.. kali.. apa lagi.. tarusku buka baju.. and say "HULK!!!!".. hehe.. nadadih.. angan2ku pulang tu.. i know.. how weird aku angan2 catu.. palau..

nyways, back to GT, kali kan, we watched friends, haha, cali eh, cam, sarcastic brabis wah cetanya. kali dah balik, we talked la sal hip hop thing.. how it used to be the 'it' of that particular time, and how i was like.. kan turut2 jua jadi one of them, so yea, tym atu me and ucop tu, haha, we heard si chy punya demo, it was good, hehe, sorry chy. I was making rhymes and whatsoever, kali kan, that time, i was like so kan standard brabis, so i used most of the complicated words, well, u know la what words.. haha.. kan rhyme.. it took a lot of effort.. and in the end.. haha.. nda jadi.. however, i had a nickname, whenever i recall this, it made me laugh so hard. i dont wana reveal it, only si ucop, rider and macboy ja tau. hahaha. 

the music industry in brunei are growing, it's going phase by phase, one it becomes the hip hop,  then it becomes bands, then ballads.. and so far, i've seen improvements and very impressed, people are collaborating and that's what i like. hopefully brunei can achieve to a level where it could be a market internationally, Amin. 

bah guys, kan sign off lu, someone's coming over, so kn siap2 lah, ehhe, sal aku lum mandi. :P tata.