Monday, June 30, 2008

A congratz to all.


dari kemarin ku ngaleh brabis, yeay! i pass. Alhamdulillah. I seriously thot I fail, coz as far as i remember, i screwed up a lot in my first year, so it was either a resit or a fail. well, i haven't check my grades yet, i'm just thankful ryt now.

oh yea, got few congratulatory messages that I have to make here. 

First of all, to my CS lecturer, hehe, the control-ehem-ehem-stylish-but funny man, congratz on your wedding msa tu sir, heheh, sorry I couldn't come, I was on my way to KK masa tu. (Awu.. ada kawanku atu.. katanya inda datang.. tapi tarang2 wah gambarnya sana.. awu.. talur-taluri saja..). anyway, hehe, congratz to u and smoga bahagia ke anak cucu di samping isteri yang tersayang. Amin, and yea, thank you jua sal ajar kami CS, we learnt a lot from you.

Second of all, to my dear good girl-friend, hehe, as in girl class mate, harap paham, Asma a.k.a 1st Superwoman or ciut.. congratz on winning the gold medal on the fencing in PSK this year, hehe, sorry I could not come jua that day, coz I was sick and nervous waiting for the day after that. But anyway, I'm still proud of you, very very proud of u. Your shades maseh g in my car, hehe, bekulat tia kali. :P Congratz to u again and hope you can harumkan nama negara lagi nanti. Amin.

Third, congratz to all students for their results, yang pass, congratz and good luck in the future, yang resit, good luck, you can do it, don't worry, confident, yang fail, jangan putus asa, gagal sekali bukan bermakna gagal selamanya, i have a friend yang tried and applied lagi, and now, his moving forward wit us( you know who you are dude, always thankful to you), I idolize his effort, in fact, very motivated when he gives u supports and never give up on trying out a lot of time. 

hehe, this is the guy, teka la siapa, if u do know him and if u happen to see him, get to know him, his very friendly and siuk beceta.

Then, I wana say congratz to all GT geng, hehe, sal kemarin was our success day, haha, hari sukses sedunia, I was so excited becoz of my good news, Rider was as happy as I was, RV and MacBoy ia jualah. Most of us happy, LilMic was part of our success jua, hehe, he kept on texting us for moral support, aku nda to result durang lain plg. So, tadi, we hung out lah, it was our idea, me and LilMic, to celebrate our success atu, we bought a chocolate mousse cake from Mum's bakery and menungking tarus. Too bad MacBoy couldnt come along, bcoz he's in KK at the moment, but we have a new member, hehe, we called him Cinta(haha, not as in we call him daling or sayang in malay, but it's just a nick name, coz ia ani sweet and romantic guy kali ah, hahaha, sadang..PAP!!) anyway, congratz to GT! kira tarus la celebrate our anniversary, haha, sounds pinkish, haha, but yea, it's not wrong to celebrate a friendship day, that just shows how much kami atu rapat. 29th June, hehe, note that GT, next year, orange chocolate mousse cake. hehe. :P

Then, I wana say thank you jua to all of my friends yang banyak menolong selama ani, to my group, thank you to yang pernah cooperate sama aku masa buat assignments and project. Thanks to my good friend, hehe, my other half, hahahahaha, my best friend, Eddy, for always sama2 mendangani belajar, memanat sama2, mengajar and belajar, thank you for the never ending moral support and tips, thank you for being a good friend/brother, and thank you for understanding and forgiving jua. Thank you to GT for the moral support, also sal slalu bawa hang out and menungking, hehehe, mbari ketagihan kali ah, we've made it, sukses slalu. Thank you to all of my other friends, yang slalu support, bawa beibun and begila. hehehe. Love you all.

Lastly.. congratz to me. hehe. sal making it thru. doakan ja daku smpai ke kemuncak akhir. yang tau atu, hehe, keep on supporting and yang tak tau, hehe, tak pe la, enjoy your day dan jangan cengeng slalu. :P Congratz to Asde, Hill and Fiqah for making it also. 

C ya around. :)



Anonymous said...

Darling!!!! Thank youuuuuhhH~ hehehehe.. luv you :D

si yanyan said...

your other half? kekeke. tersenyum si yan membaca. keke.