Saturday, June 7, 2008

ya da ya da ya da.

hey people, hehehe, I JUST WOKE UP. ehe. I was very tired after the exam. I slept at Eddy's place last nite, was doing a revision with him for the ISE test. I thought that we were gona have enough sleep, hahaha. 2 hours. what do u think?

I took my rest at 5 am, set my alarm at 6.30(and I woke up another 15 mins after that. tehehe). Eddy's phone woke me up, har har har, bising eh, but he was no where to be found, guess where was he at? OUTSIDE-REVISING.

It rained heavily this morning, I was reading out loud the ISE notes for the purpose sharing what goes in my head with Eddy, haha, good technique huh? The car nearly slipped though, I stopped breathing for few seconds, it was like the time had stop ticking for me, having all of the flashbacks. Eddy calmed me down by saying it was just the water and he laughed. 2 mins later, I joined but still, my heart was beating fast.

Arrived at ITB at 8.15, Eddy knocked his head on the bunk's door. I thot he passed out, but his a strong guy, hahahaha. sian eh.binjul tia.(wah..atu klasik)

The exam was about 3 hours long, it was freezing cold in that room. Rafie was pretty focused on his paper, he kept on bending his back towards the table(is there any word for this? hehe) the whole time. Judin finished quite early, followed up by Maie. I finished at 11.25, I could go out early, but I didnt, I stayed and rested my head while waiting for the time.

I was suppose to have lunch with LilMic, but he got caught up with something, so we postponed it. Pulling to the ending, where I am back with Eddy, having our lunch at Ayamku.(HAHAHA).

Oh yea, bought a KCD, got some songs that I like there, gonna set the time after the exam, gotta pull myself together, start all over again and ready wit the mic.(apakan tu? haha)

Got home and had my long nap, I bought a burger for my lil bro, hehe, sayang ku kali ah. I remembered him texting me up one day saying Thank You for letting him taking my lunch, he was so hungry, he had his, but he was still hungry, waited for me, I said I'll take it later, but at the end he texted me up to ask if he could get mine(paham kamu? hehehe. go wit da flow!~:P). I said Ok and he replied..


So sweet. hehe.

Bah..I need to revise SAD lagi.. ingau ku brabis. Normalization (NOT NORMAL TO ME!!!), Decision Table(DEAD OR ALIVE), Data Dictionary(Data what?).. gona start late.. kan mamam dulu. hehehe.

p/s:Yea..I mentioned nama Eddy malar in this post, hahaha, well, mun ia tah ganya dangan ku today, what else can I say? That I hung out with Oprah and had lunch with Mariah Carey(oh please do..Nick Cannon..pinjami dih skajap). Hehe. Eddy, jantah ingau, u're a good guy. u still owe 2.80 tho. heheheheheeh. halal halal~:P