Friday, June 20, 2008


Hey guys, update yourself with the news, especially for the CIS intake 23, those who have not registered for the Bowling tournament this coming 12th July, you still have time, drive to ITB now and register yourself to Ms.Wida.

10 lanes are booked for the ITB Bowling Tournament, 5 for departmentals, which is 5 person a team - 4 students and 1 staff, and 5 lanes for CIS departments - 2 for seniors, 3 for juniors. So far, there are still loadz more empty spaces for the intake 23.

Come on Guys, if you have the skill to bowl(err..luruskah?), go to ITB for the registration. Registration Fee is $10 per person, SOOO save up your cash and join the tournament.

What are you waiting for? Agatah! Lakas! Krg Inda Ampit! Hurry!!

Put this on target - Cool Prizes!! Mo to APA? well, u gotta go register. (Hint2..YummY and HooRay!)

Another news, trip to Pelumpong, which was mentioned by Ms.Wida, is actually cancelled due to the unpredicted weather, karang mun ujan, nda jua siuk tu. So yea, it is cancelled for a better reason.

Dont worry guys, join me in the following 8 very nerve cracking days as we wait for the Results for the Exams which are coming out on this 28th.

See ya. Salam.