Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Tuesday People


ok, im all bored now. last nyt, ku jalan2 sama GT, at first gto lilmic cannot go home aher, kali, heheh, we enjoyed talking to much, end up balik kul 1.30 pagi. Balik rumah tarus tido le.

I just read one of my friend's newly updated blog(ehehe), dalam postnya, it was about a fight between rakan kami dulu, macam, as i was reading this, tepikir ku tarus kan masa kami dulu, macam, i really missed that so much, i talked to ciut yesterday on msn, we both miss the old times atu. Tym kami gembira2 dulu, kali antah, all of a sudden jadi cani, well, i cant point fingers to anyone, salnya, some people change, not everyone tho, just some. I just want to have a good fun time for this coming reunion, cam, it sucks liat mua orang masam2 saja, being alone or being avoided, i dont want that. Sorry to blog this out, but it's just that, i miss the old time. 

Kemarin ptg, Asde came to my place, blateh for this coming audition, cam batah dah inda nyanyi, so sorang2 hang, hahaha, kami g nda dpt serious banar, so we kept on laughing. palau eh. hahahah.

Oh yea, satu yang mbuat ku kadang2 sakit hati, to know that when people say hotness are on top of the list, i clearly would like to point that out, if you don't have a brain, that's actually pointless, it's just a different word of STUPID. And if you have a brain, and you think that you're hot and all of a sudden you're making out nonsense about how guys/girls are desperate about you, and likes to create rumors about that just to get some attention, that's also falls into the category of STUPID - the lighter level. 

World, it's just not complete with those kind of people. Happy Tuesday~