Friday, June 27, 2008

Nervous for tomoro

Hey guys,

it's about 6 hours to go to 28th June.. and probably 8 hours to go for the result. 

There are three possibilities, either:
1. you pass
2. you resit
3. you are being withdrawn. 

I'm so freaked out, sorry to yanyan sal aku inda join td, i'm actually sick and scared of tomorrow.
apart from this jua, I'm nervous for the audition, suaraku, My god.. damam punya pasal. 

I just heard the preview of the scene tadi on pelangi, cam, kabak2 ku tarus, ijap ku brabis. God...

again.. i still cant decide, i thot i have, but then, ragu2 ku lehnya. shoot. 

Bah.. rehat ku lu.