Thursday, June 12, 2008

One normal day

Hey~ I'm officially free starting today.

We had SWE meeting in the morning, I was 15 mins late. We had some questionnaires and yea, we were being honest.

After the meeting, went to Giant with the ITR and Halim. Then at 12, off I zoomed to Shahdon's to get my hair cut. I like my new hair, my mom complained, but I still love it. It's smart and lighter.

Got home, I was waiting for someone to text me up, well I guess the plan was cancelled or was being left out, any how, I waited and waited till I felt asleep. How loyal was I?

Just now, Nuneh treated us to watch the Hulk. I enjoyed it a lot, had fun with them. Thanks Nuneh. hehe. Happy Belated Birthday to u!

Anyhow, its 1 more day to go for the poll voting. So far, I got a huge response from my friends, online and offline. I am very excited about it. My heart says go for it, but I'm just too scared if I got rejected for certain reasons that most of my friend knows. But if that is not a problem, for sure, I'll be informing u guys lagi tu. hehehe. I'll update it very soon.

I need to work out, I need to get fit, I need to feel good. I'm tired of someone lying, not being honest with u, and only need you when they have no other choice in life. You know who you are. I may be fat, but I'm not stupid. I can always sense when you're lying. Anyhoo..

Time to go. Need a lot of rest, gotta throw away the pain and try to relax. C ya guys.

Thanks to all yang support. Heee.