Thursday, June 5, 2008

Revision and SAMBA!

Hey guys, it's a day left to our ISE exam. CS, PC and ICC was quite tough, I didnt do well in PC, I'm just frustated to realize that. I was not giving the best of me in CS, I didnt like the z80 question. ICC was suppose to be easy, but I dont know why on earth it turned to be one of the toughest, I mean, I revised, I did, but maybe I didnt have enough sleep and lately, my brain isnt cooperating that well(LOL. Not Crazy - just tired. That's all). Yeah, I admit it, there were some tears due to that back at home, after the ICC exam. An hour before home, I told Eddy to go to SKH to get some hot kebab's, but instead, he asked where is this OO SO GOOD kebab that I was talking about besides the one at SKH. I pointed to him the direction, and yeay! There we were at the LONDON's KEBAB. hehehe. It was good, really-really gooood~ hehe.

Back home, I got my rest for hours, then started my revision on ISE, I just want to makesure this time, I had enough rest and wont have to look like a drunk chinese anymore(NO CHINESE ARE HARMED IN THIS POST).

Nite time, I went out menungking with the GT. LilMic couldnt make it, so it was only the four of us, RV came smiling, shining and we knew why. Hehehehe. I was surprised it was an advance step.

Sorry to Rider, he had to wait few mins(about 30+ mins. huhu) for us. The first thing he said when we arrived were "Aher ku, aku jua paling awal." I could only smile and laughed. Sorry again Rider.

Marchboy came with a different ride. I spent an hour on his laptop fixing his photos, he wanted to see a different site of him. LOL.

Oh yea, I'm tired revising, I spent almost the whole day on the laptop, compiling and revising. So, had a few rest, still on the laptop tho, but I was up for something else (No, it's not what you think).

The next allowance, this is going to be my target.

I've got the jacket that match to this. Okay, I'm not much of a brand addict(seriously, I mix match them sometimes, dont know if my friends realized that or they just dont bother. haha)

Next, I found these, A MUST HAVE shoes (okay, you can call me a brand addict for the nite).

This is a must have shoe, it looks comfy and very trendy. But I just dont know what pants would match this.

I'm not really an updated person on the sports section and dont know if this belongs to the sports collection, but I dont care, I could think of how and where to wear this shoe

This one gives me the feeling of the uptown a little bit. I like the design and would be nice with a casual pants or jeans.

I dont watch gossip girl, but I've seen the short clip from FRIENDS of mine(intentionally bolded coz..YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE PEOPLE) and this shoe, somehow reminds of that series. I just like design. comfy. call me weird.

I just like this one, especially the neon blue, it's very-very nice. no further explanation.
Okay, you can call outdated or whatsoever incase if any of the shoes above KAMU ada udah. hahaa. I dont care. I just want it so bad. I'll get it soon. hehehe. So.. my birthday is 3 months to go, heheh, you can plan this for my birthday gift and makesure it's a size 10(hahaha. demanding jua).